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Clean Steam Generator

Pharmaceutical / Bio Tech

We've focused on all the essentials in our Pure Steam Generator design. The equipment provides consistent high quality pure steam for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Hospital, Laboratory and other industries.

All internal and external aesthetics have been designed to meet the stringent demands of sterile environments. Equipment reliability, product quality, and safety are standard features built-in to each unit.

The unique Aqua-Chem evaporator with double tube sheet design prevents product contamination to the pure steam.

Our standard validation package assists you in meeting your IQ, OQ, and PQ protocols.

New Design Features for Optimal Performance and Reliability

  • PID level controllers for optimal feed water level control in the evaporator columns.
  • Condenser is double tube sheet and tube heat exchangers to condense and cool the pure steam as WFI.
  • Feedwater preheaters are double tube sheet, shell and tube heat exchangers for long term reliability.
  • New evaporator gasket design for optimal seal.
  • Extended 5 year warranty on the titanium U-tube bundle. The U-tube design addresses the issue of thermal cycling by allowing the tubes to expand and contract freely.
  • Shell-Side Evaporation Design
    • Ensures heat transfer surface will shed potential scale formation
    • Submerged-tube rising-film design eliminates dry tube “hot spots”

Optional Features

  • Electropolish Feedwater and Pure Steam Surfaces to 15 Ra
  • Feedwater Conductivity System
  • Pure Steam Condensate Sampling system
  • Pure Steam Conductivity System
  • Pure Steam Condenser for WFT Production
  • Carbon Steel Frame
  • Aluminum Lagging

How it Works

The compact Aqua-Chem Pure Steam Generator produces pure steam, meeting the stringent water quality requirements for Water-for-Injection per USP XXIII.

Our three step design of baffles, fine mesh pad, and tangential stream entry into the separator section causes the steam to spin and change direction to eleminate contaminated water droplets from being carried over with the pure steam.

The compact unit is the result of a very efficient design that uses a rising film evaporation and thermal syphon technology. This allows the unit to instantaneously evaporate feed water into pure steam.

Our PLC control has been designed to meet the quick demands of pure steam loads by automatically reacting to the plant steam load and feed water demands. This process ensures that the proper amount and pressure of pure steam is produced for your needs.


For a full list of Parts and Accessories, please contact our Commercial Spares / Parts Representative:

Robert Patrick
Director of Commercial Aftermarket
Phone: (865) 544-2065
Direct: (865) 540-5105
Email: spatrick@aqua-chem.com

Life Sciences / Pharmaceutical

Bobbie Callahan
Strategic Accounts Manager
Cell: (919) 413-2501

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