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Blueguard BOP Protector
Aqua-Chem and Wiptek Celebrate 3rd Year Anniversary of Representative/Distributor Relationship

Wiptek is Aqua-Chem’s premier China representative and distributor for WFI Vapor Compression units, parts, and service. Wiptek’s renowned experience and knowledge in the industry has contributed to our continued success in the water solutions industry, and for that we cannot express enough appreciation. Their support, dedication, and determination to sell the highest quality pharmaceutical WFI products on our behalf has proven invaluable to our company. Aqua-Chem is proud to have Wiptek represent our products and we look forward to a long lasting business relationship!

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Aqua-Chem is the leader in providing Global Water Solutions. We develop innovative and comprehensive water solutions for the Military, Pharmaceutical, Offshore Oil and Gas, Industrials, Bottled Water, Commercial Marine, and Micro-utilities markets. We build water processing systems with custom engineering and cutting edge technology; using high quality in-house manufacturing, superior components, and the highest quality customer service. Aqua-Chem, along with our Matrix and Specific Equipment product lines, provides complete water solutions in the markets we serve around the globe. We pride ourselves on the fact that Aqua-Chem is the premiere water treatment and micro-utility company in the world. Water Solutions begin and end with Aqua-Chem.

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